Musings on printers and paper

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Musings on printing negatives for UV exposure

There are several ways to print a single negative on a single page of paper. The problem is that the paper is expensive. So I’ve been working to tile several different negatives on a single sheet of paper.


I have a laser printer, and a color inkjet photo printer. The laser printer produces a better image. But it tend to stretch the image lengthwise about 0.100’ or so. Its inconsistent and I haven’t found a way to compensate for it.

The inkjet prints more dead on. But the ink looks transparent.


Laser Printers

The worst thing you can use is transparency film used for project slides. The laser printer always stretches the page lengthwise when it goes through the printer.

1 x Chromaline AccuFast Waterproof Film for Inkjet Printers (Accufast) = $65.00

                Size AccuFast 8.5"x11" 100 Sheets

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