Alps MD1000 Printer

Written by Chuck. Posted in PCB Equipment

I purchased a Alps MD1000 Printer on EBay because it will print white.  This works great for printing white letters on clear water slide decals, which I used to label some control panels on my projects.
I found this printer works great for printing negatives to be used for the UV exposure processes.  It does not stretch the transparencies.  It uses dry film so it also doesn't smear and it is very dense.


To get the Alps drivers to work with Windows XP I use the following steps.
Note:  It is reported that these drivers DO NOT work with Service Pack 3.  So I've avoid loading SP3 on the computer I use for the printer.
  1. Connect the ALPs printer the normal way using the LPT port on the computer.
  2. When XP detects the Alps MD printer (via plug-n-play) it automatically installs a generic Microsoft driver for it. That driver provides very limited functionality.  It only allows standard CYMK printing. No spot colors can be selected so no special inks (metallic, white, etc.) can be used.   The proper procedure to get full functionality is to keep the automatically installed printer but rename it (to something like MD-5000_MS). If that printer is deleted, Windows will keep reinstalling it. Next, install the genuine Alps driver. Make the printer created by installing this driver the default printer. That will pacify the Windows and at the same time provide a full Alps printer functionality.
  3. Next, open the driver file MD224XP_ALL.exe.  It unzips to a directory \MD224XP on the C: drive.
  4. Run setup.exe from that directory. After setup runs the computers needs to be rebooted.
  5. After rebooting the driver will be installed and the printer will be the default printer.