Plating Step 4 -- Preparing the mask

Written by Chuck. Posted in Plating

In progress
As far as I know I am the only one who uses a plating mask for through hole plating.  I started using this method because I was trying to plate PC Board in 3.5 liters of plating solution and it was very hard to get the amps and times down correctly.  With such a small bath -- I was getting incosistent results.
So I tried putting etchant resist mask on the PCB, which only left the through holes and via exposed to the plating solution.  This has been giving me consistentn plating results.
  • Laminating
  • Exposing
  • Developing


Laminator set at 223-245 degrees Fahrenheit. Roll Speed 0.6-1.5 m/min
After cleaning the board
  • Cut a piece of dry film from the sheet or roll provided so that it is about 4 cms longer and 1 to 2 cms wider then the material to be laminated.
  • Using two pieces of tape, place a piece on either side of one corner of the film, so they stick to the film, not to each other. Then pull the two pieces of tape away from each other and only of the polyester protective films will come away.
  • Tape the side that the film came away from down to a card or piece of paper.
  • Slide the circuit board under the card.
  • Slide the card into the laminator and pull the film up against the upper roller to avoid creases.
  • Push the card and board into the laminator
  • When the board comes out the other side, run it through again.
  • Use a razor know to trim the card and the excess away from the board.
  • If it is a double sided board, do it again for the reverse side.