Site moved

So, I haven't been here in years.  I am no longer maintaining or updating this site but there is a lot of good stuff in here so I'll leave it up until someone takes over the domain name.


Voodoo Engineering

Voodoo Engineering is now online!   I've been considering developing this site for sometime, and now it is here.

This site is really for my own purposes, to document my electronics projects and processes.  You're welcome to enjoy it if you want.

I am constantly developing the content of this site.  So if you think there is nothing here now be sure to check back

Still updating

Ok, I finished my Verizon FIOS installation and I'm back to working on my PCB Processes.

I'm almost done with the entire Copper Plating Through Holes series.

Next I'll start back over from the beginning and try to clean up all my process pages.

I also have to get to work on the Inventory Control systems for my laboratory.

I don't intend to "rip off" anyone elses work here -- but I am trying to document how some of the DIY PCB Production process I found on the web actually work.  I try to create a video of every step.  I hope you enjoy it.